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Services at Alliance Work Partners and Employee Assistance Alliance for working partners is very important in today’s world. It is the largest


Health care organization from here people can get benefit through health care programs.A workplace will be filled with employees so the place must be free from any kind of violence, drugs and let it be peaceful also it reduces the risk of reward controls in any organization.

Alliance Work Partners

EAP is a part of alliance work partner program that is used to control unwanted worries and encourages alliance. The employee assistance offer a wide range of surreptitious services to assist manages hard personal state of affairs that everyone faces from time to time.

Alliance Work Partners

In addition to this trainers are obtainable to assist you to convene your well-being goals. Employee Assistance Program allows to offer all permanent benefits that are entitled power and employees have admission to the service of an Employee Assistance Program.

Best supporting teams are present in alliance work partners
  • We operate completely independently from treatment centers and major insurance plans, and we comply with Federal standards of confidentiality in all of our services, some of which include:
  • Short-Term and Long Term Problem Solving Social Services Referrals Community Referral Services Legal and Financial Counseling Extensive Information Database Personalized Online Access
  • Contact us with your questions at 1-800-343-3822. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer your call.
Alliance Work Partners

Jobs under Spinal Surgeons

Would you be interested with working under a spinal surgeon? Connect with us to get short-term solutions for the many problems that come from finding work under spinal surgeons and the spine specialists at the offices of Baylor Spine Center, and the many other specialists and doctors around Southlake, including Better Faster Urgent Care, who can help patients with their back and spine problems. We know that as a health care specialist, you are more interested in helping others than money, but we also have filtered out a number of spine doctors and specialists who will pay you the best wages for your educational level and work experience.

Extended Care Jobs

We provide referrals for case managers and licensed experts for crisis situations that require long term professional help. We will set you up with face-to-face counseling sessions that will include assessments, real life solutions and a concrete plan of action, with an opportunity for you to voice any concerns and change counselors if needed. All counseling sessions are covered by Federal laws of confidentiality. No information is provided to your employer.

Family Coverage jobs

Our wellness solutions aren't just extended to the employee. They are also made available to your spouse or significant other, and children under 27 years of age. Your children are automatically covered whether they live with you or not.

Diverse Backgrounds And Languages

Our licensed professionals are trained in several different specialties and are culturally diverse. We have a nationwide network of clinicians trained to help, with services in over 140 languages.

We also have specialized phone lines for teens 1-800-334-TEEN and a TDD line for deaf support 1-800-448-1823.

Legal And Financial Resources

We have legal and financial professionals available to answer your questions, on such topics as: Rental Agreements,Keeping A Budget, Setting Up A Will, Managing Your Assets, and Estate Planning.

You are allowed 3 consultations per issue per year with our legal and financial experts. If long term help is needed, and you hire one of our experts, you can get up to 25% off their services.

Community Assistance

We have a referral service for personal help you may need in your own community. Whether you are looking for a babysitter, a dog kennel, or emergency plumber , our free referral line is here to help you.

Online Database Of Resources

Signing up on our customized EAP website will give you full access to our information database of revelant life topics. You will have a virtually unlimited supply of free links and information for every life situation you might encounter, such as child care, substance abuse, family and relationship issues, and other topics. Our online resources include helpful articles, tip sheets and interactive tools that you can use to help you reach your life goals. Whatever you need for personal health and wellness, the Dallas Employee Assistance Programs have a resource that can help you. Call us at 1-800-343-3822.

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