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Our services Alliance Work Partners comprehends the constant interaction between problems on and moldy the job. We know too that practically any issue can be dispensed with if it is known and cured early.

Offers Short Term Counseling, Lawful And Monetary Consultation

With over several years of continuous continuity as EAP authorities, Alliance Work Partners is exclusively qualified to help you and is dedicated to assembly your requirements. We have tremendously talented age group there to assist persons in their being needs. No one left at the back for that class of obsession. Administrators in control organization also give right of entry services for worker presentation matters.

Alliance work partners are available to help employees with family, legal or financial issues, substance abuse or other stressful events.

Helps staffs effectively contract with the pressure of manipulating the conditions of work, domestic and other duties.

Offers intimate services at no charge to the staffs and their relatives

EAP programs are offered to superannuation qualified workers, pensioners, family members and wards.

Employees could self-refer to EAP, or in specific cases, administrators can refer an employee.

EAP discussions are conducted as personal sessions which are free and intimate. To access programs and facilities, operators must make an account with us.

Alliance Work Partners